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Lucky Lord LLC

Lucky Lord Spice Herb Tobacco Grinder 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Crusher Aluminum Grinder

Lucky Lord Spice Herb Tobacco Grinder 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Crusher Aluminum Grinder

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Grind Fresh Herbs Quickly and Easily with a Multipurpose Spice Grinder from LUCKY LORD


Howdy there my friend! I’m your best buddy, the Red Grinder. Are you tired of trying to break up your herbs with scissors and not getting the perfect consistency? Did you try one those inferior grinders that don't get the job done right? Not having the right grind makes it difficult to get that smooth, even smoking experience. Plus, cutting up herbs with scissors can be time-consuming and messy. Stop settling for mediocre grinders and inadequate results. You are better than that! There's no reason why your smoking experience shouldn't be enjoyable and effortless. Between you and me… I can give you the perfect grind every time in seconds! I promise you a smooth and even consistency, with zero mess or hassle. Take your smoking experience to a whole new level with me, your best buddy in the world, the Red Grinder!


Product Detail

1) Premium Herb Spice Grinder

2) Ultra-Strong Magnetic Lid Top

3) Built-In Dust Catcher (Inside)

4) Heavy-Duty Burr Cutting Teeth

5) Manual Twist Grinding Process

6) Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction



Premium Dry Spice Grinder – Designed to grind fresh herbs, seasonings, and spices with ease this compact, portable grinder provides plenty of versatility in the kitchen and on the go, so you can use it for personal or professional grinding efforts.


Ultra-Sharp Burr Grinding Teeth – Available in 2.5" these herb spice grinders are each fitted with super strong, rust-resistant grinding teeth to help quickly and easily grind fresh spices over and over again with long-lasting durability.


Magnetic Lid and Dust Catcher – The high-quality magnetic lid helps hold in your herbs and spices when they’re being stored or transported, while the dust catcher on the inside minimizes the dust to provide cleaner, more finished contents.


Aircraft-Grade Aluminum – LUCKY LORD spice grinder manual accessories are crafted with a heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum that’s made for rugged everyday use. The burr grinder can also be used for peppercorns, Himalayan sea salt, pepper, and more.


Compact, Pocket-Sized Design – We wanted to make our spice grinder more versatile so you can use it at home in the kitchen, when you’re travelling, and just about anywhere else, so it’s just small enough to fit in a pocket, bag, or backpack. 

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